2018 Private Client Forum Americas

Bermuda is a premier international financial centre with a sophisticated legal system, based on British Common Law, sensible supervision, recognized expertise and a robust infrastructure. There is a very active STEP branch and an effective legislative review. Bermuda is well suited to administering complex trust structures, private trust companies, Purpose Trust structures, Unit Trust structures for Fund Administration and other financial planning tools. Bermuda offers comprehensive commercial solutions to companies, and Private Clients.
Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) is an independent organisation partnering with the public and private sectors to enhance international business in Bermuda.

Capital Generation Partners provides independent investment management advice to endowments, individuals and families seeking to preserve and develop their wealth. CapGen is based on the principle that the client should be placed first in every aspect of its work. We deliver institutional-quality asset allocation advice, investment selection, due diligence and performance reporting services for all assets – including real estate and direct investments.  We build bespoke investment portfolios that are unique to each client. CapGen does not sell investment product or take commission: we get paid only by our clients. The firm is based in London, but with a global reach. CapGen currently has $2.5 billion of assets under management.

Sponsorship Opportunities

For enquiries on sponsorship packages please call James Baldwin-Webb on tel. +44 (0)20 3868 7520 or email JBaldwin-Webb@alm.com